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Nova Scotia

A domestic violence counselling, research and training institute offering a narrative therapy training series. Also offers a bibliography of recommended readings for conversations with men about using abuse. Tod Augusta-Scott is based at Bridges.

Brief Narrative Practices Project

This project and virtual venue is offered by Scot Cooper who invites a focus on the exploration and further development of narrative therapy practices in time constrained contexts.

Calgary Women's Health Collective

Calgary, Alberta

"We are currently involved in building a Narrative community of therapists in Calgary and are excited about all that becomes possible through collaboration. To create “community,” we offer meetings, supervision, mentorships, workshops and training opportunities to practitioners and budding therapists who are interested in developing their skills in Narrative practice and ideas."

Centre de psychotherapie strategique

Montreal, Quebec

Offers narrative workshops in French. This center was founded in 1993 by André Gregoire and Josee Lamarre.

 The Collaborative Community  Practice Group


A collective of narratively-oriented counsellors in Ottawa interested in connecting with like-minded local and area practitioners. To learn more about the group visit the Glebe Institute website.

Collaborative Therapy Associates


CTA offers Individual, Family and Couples Psychotherapy; Narrative therapy training workshops and supervision.

    The Narrative Project          

Western Canada

Committed to providing narrative training, consultation and therapy in western Canada.

Vikki Reynolds

British Columbia


Vikki provides consultation, instruction and supervision and has a deep commitment to social justice. Her work is based on an anti-oppressive framework and she plays a leading role in building communities in a spirit of solidarity.

Windz Institute - Brief Narrative Therapy Training  and Research

Oakville Ontario


The Windz Institute is located in Oakville Ontario and also Galveston Texas US. The co-directors are Karen Young (Oakville) and Jim Duvall (Texas). They provide brief narrative therapy training, education, research and community outreach.

Vancouver School For Narrative Therapy

British Columbia


The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy was the first Narrative Therapy training centre opened in the Northern Hemisphere. The VSNT goal is to provide a home for newly inspired Narrative Therapy training - brought to you through the politic and practice of our 25 year apprenticeship with David Epston, Michael White and the Just Therapy Team.

April 28-30, 2017 Conference - Therapeutic Conversations 14 Advanced Training

Winnipeg Narrative Therapy

Offers narrative workshops and a Narrative Practice Group in Winnipeg Canada.


JST Institute  

 Galveston Island, Texas

JST Institute is a threshold to collaborative, brief and narrative practices. They are also home to the Journal of Systemic Therapies which is edited by Jim Duvall

The Drama Therapy Institute

Narrative approaches with drama therapy.

Family-Centerd Services Project



The Family-Centered Services Project (with founder and director William Madsen) is a training and consultation project that utilizes narrative ideas to help public agencies develop institutional practices and organizational cultures that support more respectful and responsive ways of serving youth and families


Casperson Training Center


Caspersen Training Center (with director John Stillman) provides training that supports the lives and work of therapists and the people they serve. Narrative principles guide the work of the center, and training focuses on respect for people and their knowledge, and supports these principles through guided conversation.

    Narrative Therapy Center   

         Mid-Atlantic States

The Narrative Therapy Centre of the Mid-Atlantic was created to provide more resources for psychotherapists and others who wish to learn more and improve their narrative therapy skills.

 Re-authoring Teaching:   Creating a Collaboratory


The book, Re-authoring Teaching: Creating a Collaboratory (authored by Peggy Sax), and companion website show how teachers, lifelong students and practitioners can take advantage of the online medium to consult with each other, bring multiple voices into teaching, and learn about life experiences from people who seek our services.

Victoria Dickerson

Describes the work and writing of Dr. Victoria Dickerson. It also showcases her book: Breaking the Rules: Deciding Who You Are--In Your Own Time and on Your Own Terms.



Institute of Narrative Therapy

This institute has been established to support the highest standards of practice, teaching and research into narrative therapy.


La Fabrique Narratives

A narrative training centre in Bordeaux, France.

Pratiques Narratives

A French website+blog from Paris, France.


Institute for Narrative Therapy and Community Practice

An initiative in Greece and Cyprus with the aim of advancing the training in narrative therapy/community practice.


Charing Cross Narrative Therapy

Charing Cross Narrative Therapy (operated by David Newman) offers counseling for children, young people, families and couples and training and supervision in a narrative approach.

Clifton Centre

Clifton Centre with Mark Gordon and Mercedes Martinez Cruz is an independent counseling, supervision and training centre in Melbourne.


Narrative Practices Adelaide

Narrative Practices Adelaide is a an independent centre for therapy, consultation, training and supervision in South Australia. The associates at the centre are Maggie Carey, Rob Hall and Shona Russell.




Masterswork Videos

Offers online purchasing of narrative videos including tapes of therapists such as Michael White, David Epston and Jill Freedman and Gene Combs


Narrative Psychology

An internet and resource guide which includes biographical and theoritacal information on Theorists and Key Figures in narrative such as Michel Foucault, Gregory Bateson, and Kenneth Gergen.

Narrative Space

This website provides a good introduction to narrative therapy, including a breakdown of terminology and concepts.


An internet meeting place for the narrative world.


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