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Feedback from our Summer Class of 2016

Summer Class of 2013

"The training had such a powerful impact on me both personally and professionally. I entered with some experience practicing within a narrative therapy framework and left with a renewed commitment, more confidence, and stronger ability to adhere more closely to being a narrative therapist. I’m so grateful." - Stacey Calhoun, Social Worker, Boston. M.A.

"I arrived at the NTC with limited knowledge of narrative therapy. I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience and knowledge enter my life. The NTC has opened my eyes in approaching my future practice with the new skills that I have learned." - Michelle Dubiel, Social Worker, Calgary, AB

"A life-changing experience. An opportunity to learn new skills; be out-of-my comfort zone; and meet a wonderful group of people. Thank You."-  Barb Baker, Social Worker, Faculty, Orillia, ON

“Feeling invigorated to return to my practice and ‘loiter’ with clients. I’ve already begun planning in my head how to incorporate the narrative practice of re-membering into a Women’s Group I co-facilitate. Often the women I work with describe feeling isolated, and I think re-membering may help them recognize the connections in their life.” - Stephanie Burley, Mental Health Counsellor, Owen Sound, ON

“The Narrative Therapy intensive proved a foundation of principles and practice.  It shifted the way in which I view my role as a counsellor.  While my entry point to working with youth is always one of anti-oppression, I became aware during the intensive that some of my practices uphold colonial ideologies of power and privilege.  The course has helped me move closer towards my goal of being a facilitator of change in the lives of youth” - Kristin Knielh, Guidance Counsellor, Toronto, ON

“When I feel stuck with people in their situations Narrative Therapy offers a way to become “unstuck” by looking for and ‘elevating’ a preferred story. I also love the opportunity for political discourse, self and group community advocacy that can be supported through/by Narrative Therapy” - Ethena Williams, Social Worker, Guelph, ON

“This training in Narrative Therapy has given me energy and hope as a human being as well as a therapist.” - Leslie Hammer, Social Worker, California , USA

“Thanks for all the powerful skills, viewpoints and new perspectives. I know that this course will have a positive impact in my professional work and how I interact with the world in my personal life as well!” - Leah

“I appreciate the various counsellors sharing how they use narrative therapy in their work setting with different populations. Many thanks to Angel for hosting these vital conversations.” - Rebecca Wong, Toronto, ON

“So powerful and transformative for my life and practice, which I realize shouldn’t be so separate. It was intimate and inspiring, practical and meaningful. The levels of depth just continued to thicken.” - Monica Ek, Social Worker, Boston, MA

“The NTC training opened my eyes to the power of stories. There is so much value in using the skills of double listening and rescuing people’s words to help them re-author their life narrative. All of the facilitators were knowledgeable, skilled and very engaging. Such a meaningful experience for me! There is so much that I can take back and apply to my work.”- Rosie Smith, Registered Psychotherapist, Toronto, ON

“The ideas presented, reinforced by practical examples in a wide variety of practice settings, were very useful. They reinforced the teachings I had absorbed previously through readings (Maps of Narrative Therapy).” - Daniel Clairmont, Clinical Therapist, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

“This learning context and community really provided the space I needed to consider how I can use narrative-based therapy in my work. Stories contain such layers and meanings and it’s our job as therapists to allow clients to explore all of the layers. The client is not the problem, the problem is the problem.” - Brittany Lawson, Grad School student, Teacher, Toronto, ON

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