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In July 2015 we celebrated our 10th anniversary of our summer program

Summer Class of 2013

Testonials from our Summer Class of 2015...

“This training reassured that I made the right decision about the type of therapist I want to be. I feel encouraged by the passion shared by the professionals in the narrative community. I would recommend this training to anyone who feels connected to narrative ideas. I’m taking so much away from this experience!”   -Mauricio Yabar, Psychotherapist, LCSW, M.ED., Denver, Colorado

“I did not have any particular expectations for my trip to Canada or for the Narrative Therapy Intensive and now I can definitely say this week is a highlight in my life. I learned a lot about narrative practices and I also learned a lot about people’s stories; not just from the videos we saw as part of the presentation. But from the trainers and the group” -Gabriela Beltrán, Mexico

“Narrative practice has changed my view on how our lives are multi-storied. I feel that the theory, practice and approaches in the narrative week long Summer Intensive has changed the way I talk and look at problems of the world. Angel, thank you for sharing your knowledge, and thank you to the people who shared their stories.”   -Katie, Social Worker, Scarborough, ON

“Sharing is beauty.” - HyuanJoo Chang, Director of NGO

“The Narrative Therapy Summer Intensive was a skillful combination of learning & practice.  Angel, and the NTC team of helpers, were very capacious and provided the learners ample space to share/explore/grow together.  They fostered a sense of communal learning & the diversity of the groups' experience was celebrated & utilized… This is a must attend for anyone who is interested in Narrative or has some/good background and/or is looking for a community of like-minded practitioners.  This course allowed me to refocus my lens on how to work more effectively at narrating resilience within the LGB&T communities in my practice… An extremely supportive/positive personal & professional experience all around.”  - Jeffrey Reffo, Social Worker.

“The narrative training program provides therapists and social workers with knowledge and insight in the process of encouraging the client’s voice and story in their own journey. This program provides insight and experience as well as an opportunity to grow.”-Shona Casola, Social Worker, Whitby, ON

“A life affirming experience! I finally found a professional community I love and admire.” -Talia Marcheggiani

“I’ve appreciated the work of narrative practice even more deeply through the training and opportunity to explore with such open hearted, committed individuals.” -Loretta Mui, Community Worker, Toronto

“Wonderful training, wonderful group. I’ve learned a lot this week that I can take back to my colleagues and my clients. I will definitely encourage others to take the training in future years!” - Kathleen MacPhee, Social Worker, Fredericton

“This training opened my eyes and mind to an expansive method of therapy that is useful to many applications. It allowed me to see the importance in going deeper into stories in my personal life and in the people I work with.”  -Tobi Ajibolade, Brampton, ON       

“Oh man. I am so happy that I signed up for the Summer Intensive and was able to have this experience. It was an  awe-inspiring and invigorating learning experience. I feel so privileged to have been a part of this amazing group of facilitators and participants!” -Anita, Social Worker, Toronto, ON

“There is endless praise I could give to the NTC Summer Intensive! The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s much more than a course. It’s a community of ideas – making: ideas that resist oppression.”  -Erin Lindan, Music Therapist/Psychotherapist, Toronto, ON

“The Summer Intensive was a very useful mix of theoretical and practical and allowed me greater scope to see how I could grow my personal practice to include a larger number of narrative components. Thank you for this!”                          -Margot Beech Kennedy, RP, CCC, Toronto, ON

“In one week I learned or reviewed some of the basics of Narrative Therapy Theory. But above all as a therapist, I felt cared for, validated and supported in my practice. I felt as if some of my own wounds were healed.”- Vilma

“The seminar was a great experience for me. I learnt a great deal from this well-organized workshop. Angel, the presenter, was excellent. She was able to bring alive the main concepts of narrative therapy through examples, videos, exercises, and an interview. What also stood out to me during this 5-day-seminar was helping people explore preferred identities and make a positive impact on marginalized communities. I thank you, Angel, and all of you for the great experience I had.” - Massimiliano Gioia

'The semi-public nature of outsider witnessing in order to have a more complex understanding of self probably has more integrative and healing properties not found in many therapies'. -Chieh Teng

Pictures from the Toronto Island bike-ride social event



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