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Faculty and NTC Co-founders

Below are bios of our current faculty and our NTC co-founders.  The NTC has also hosted several local and international guest presenters over the years.  Scroll down to see our past guest presenters and their workshops.

Angel Yuen, M.S.W., R.S.W. - co-founder of NTC

Angel is a school social worker for the Toronto District School Board and private therapist in Durham region using narrative approaches with individuals, families, children and young people. She also offers narrative supervision and consultation. As a trainer for the Dulwich Centre International Faculty in Adelaide, Australia Angel is also part of the team for the Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work program.  Angel has published various narrative therapy papers and is co-editor with Cheryl White of the 2007 book Conversations about gender, culture, violence and narrative practice.

Maisa Said, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Maisa Said has a private practice downtown Toronto where she offers individual, couple and family therapy, as well as consultation, supervision and training in Narrative Therapy. Prior to that, Maisa worked with families affected by sexual abuse, and in community and residential settings supporting young people. Maisa joined the NTC faculty in 2008 as a facilitator for our Toronto narrative supervisiongroup.  Maisa can be contaced at 416-471-9609 or

Ruth Pluznick, M.S.W., R.S.W. - co-founder of NTC


Ruth is the director of the clinical services at a public Children's Mental Health Centre in Toronto, Canada. She is a member of the international faculty of the Dulwich Centre and a teacher for the Narrative Therapy Centre of Toronto. Ruth has been practicing and teaching narrative therapy for over 20 years, and is particularly committed to the application of these ideas in marginalized communities. Ruth is the 2014/2015 recipient of the Elizabeth Manson Award for Clinical Excellence (awarded by the Department of Psychiatry at the Hospital for Sick Children. Ruth can be contacted at

Natasha Kis-Sines, M.S.W., R.S.W.

natashaNatasha is a member of the Toronto District School Board social work team. She works with young people and families from diverse communities and is deeply committed to social justice. Natasha has also produced a public education video with young men in her school about their experience of depression. The video offers a first-person account of their experiences of depression, its effects on their lives and relationships and their strategies to move forward in life, despite the challenges. Natasha can be contacted at

Dale Andersen-Giberson, M.S.W., R.S.W.


Dale Andersen-GibersonDale is a therapist with Oolagen Community Services in Toronto where he uses narrative approaches in work with young people and their families.  Prior to working with Oolagen, Dale enjoyed his experience working with young people and adults who had varying relationships and difficulties with substances. Dale continues to be interested in constructions of gender and culture, responses to power and dominance and the methods that members use to make meaning out of difficult situations. Dale also has a private practice in Toronto and Ajax and can be contacted at (905)-999-3984 or

Rick Eckley M.A., R.S.W. - co-founder of NTC

Rick is one of NTC’s co-founding members along with Ruth Pluznick and Angel Yuen in 2004. He was trained in Counselling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University. He provides narrative therapy to the University of Toronto community and is a practicing Buddhist in the Zen tradition.

Past presenters and NTC workshops

David Epston from New Zealand

David Epston originated with Michael White what has come to be known as narrative therapy. In May 2014 he facilitated a 2-day workshop on working with children and families and in June 2013 he presented a 2-day workshop 'What is a good question? What is a good story?'

David Epston's work and workshops are featured on which is a website that is a collaboration of the authors of Playful Approaches to Serious Problems, Jennifer Freeman, Dean Lobovits and David Epston.

Scot Cooper

September 2014 workshop - Brief Narrative Therapy

To learn more about Scot please visit Brief Narrative Practices Project

William Cooke MSW, RSW, RMFT, M.Div., Margotte Kaczanowska MA, RSW & Suzanne Thompson MPH

In July 2012 William, Margotte and Suzanne presented a special half-day workshop at the NTC Summer Narrative Therapy Intensive titled Goodbye and Hello: Narrative Therapy and Loss.

To learn more about William Cooke  and Margotte Kaczanowska please visit and

Cheryl White & David Denborough


April 2009 workshop ~ Responding to Hardship: Collective Narrative Practice

November 2007 workshop ~ Towards Collective and Community Practices:  Narrative ways of linking lives with groups and communities

 To learn more about Cheryl White and David Denborough and their work with narrative practices please visit  Dulwich Centre and Dulwich Centre Foundation

John Winslade, PhD


May 2007 ~ two NTC workshops titled Moving From Problem Solving to Narrative Approaches in Mediation and Narrative Ideas in Working with Identity Stories for Children and Young People in Schools and Other Contexts

Learn more about John Winslade at Remembering Practices

Lorraine Hedtke, PhD


November 2006 ~ NTC workshop titled Re-Storying Grief through Re-membering Practices

Learn more about Lorraine Hedtke and her work at Remembering Practices

Shona Russell


March 2006 ~ NTC workshop titled Responding to Violence in Women's Lives - Narrative Possibilities

Learn more about Shona Russell and her work by visiting Narrative Practices Adelaide

Chris Chapman MSW, PhD


Chris Chapman Chapman was a guest presenter at our 2005 Narrative Certificate Program.  He presented Statement of Position Maps and Scaffolding of Therapeutic Conversations.

Chris is an assistant professor at the School of Social Work at York University and can be contacted at

Jodi Lobozzo Aman LCSW-R

In May 2008 Jodi faciltitated a workshop titled Narrative Therapy with Couples

Learn more about Jodi Aman at Rochester Family Therapy

Maggie Carey


October 2008 ~ two NTC workshops titled Narrative Approaches to Working with Mental Health Issues and Extending Narrative Practice

October 2005 ~ two NTC workshops titled Narrative Ways Of Working With Children And Adolescents and Narrative Responses To Trauma And Scaffolding Our Enquiries

Learn more about Maggie Carey and her work by visiting Narrative Practices Adelaide

Karin Jasper Ph.D., M.Ed.


Karin Jasper was a guest presenter at the NTC 2005 Narrative Certificate Program. She presented on Body Image, Body Ethics: A critical examination of the ways body regulation practices have come to seem necessary to ‘successful’ being in the world.

Victoria Dickerson Ph.D.


February 2005 ~ NTC workshop titled A Narrative Approach to Working with Women: Breaking the rules: Young women can define their own lives, on their own terms, in their own time

Learn more about Victoria Dickerson

Art Fisher

In October 2004 Art presented an NTC workshop titled Narrative Possibilities For Anti-Oppressive Practices : Co-creating visual conversation maps on topics of identity, responsibility, love and abuse. Art is director of Alternatives in Nova Scotia.

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