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Custom Training for Your Agency

The NTC offers in-service trainings, consultation and customized workshops for agencies. Since our inception in 2004 we have been tailoring workshops to fit the unique needs of organizations and programs.  We are committed to providing training experiences that assist practitioners in putting narrative ideas into practice.

Many of our previous in-house trainings have included half-day, full-day and two-day workshops at community agencies, hospitals, VAW organizations, and school boards .  We have also conducted 6-session Narrative Certificate Programs where staff members were provided with Certificates of Participation upon completion of the program. 

In addition to providing custom training at agencies, we have been invited to present narrative therapy workshops and keynote addresses at conferences, and to give talks during annual events such as Social Work Week.

Below here are some of the topics and themes of our past workshops, presentations and tailored trainings:

         -Putting Narrative Ideas into Practice

         -Narrative Therapy: Responding to Trauma

         -Narrative  Counselling in Schools

         -Discovering Children's Responses to Trauma

         -Narrative Therapy with Children, Adolescents and Families

         -Helping Children and Young People Get the Upper Hand Over Anxiety

         -Collective Narrative Practice: Tree of Life, and Team of Life

         -Narrative Approaches to Addictions

         -Restoring Hope: Narrative Therapy with Youth

         -Re-membering Practices: Narrative Therapy with Grief and Loss

         -Conversations about Gender, Culture, Violence and Narrative Practice

         -Narrative Ideas with Depression and Anxiety

For full details about the above workshops and information about training possibilities or consultation to fit your particular context and needs, please contact us  


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Events at a Glance


TORONTO                                           3-Day Intensive: Responding to Trauma


July 9-13 2018                 One-Week Narrative Therapy Summer Intensive


Registration opens January 2018