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Collective Narrative Practice:     Resources in Toronto and from the NTC


NTC papers published in the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work

History Re-Authored: Young men responding to anger, trouble and hopelessness in urban schools (2011)  by Angel Yuen

Growing up with parents with mental health difficulties. (2008) by Ruth Pluznick & Natasha Kis-Sines


Getting through the storms: Sharing our knowledge about how children get through hard times

This booklet edited by Angel Yuen documents the skills and knowledges of ‘getting through storms’ from several children in two Toronto schools who participated in Tree of Life groups.  All of the children hope that their booklet will be shared with and help other children who might also be going through storm.  Click here to read this booklet.

Click here for a printable booklet version. Please note that this version has been designed to be printed out back-to-back (on a double-sided copy machine) and folded and stapled down the spine. The pages will appear out of order on screen but will be in order when made up into a ready-to-use booklet.

natasha and ruth

New narratives for parents with mental health difficulties

This paper by Natasha Kis-Sines and Ruth Pluznick is a journal article published in CONTEXT in the UK in 2010. It describes their involvement in a project intended to gather stories where a parent has mental health difficulties. These are specifically stories that counter the dominant problem-saturated accounts of lives in these families.

kite of life

Kite of Life

(2010) Kite of Life: From intergenerational conflict to intergenerational alliance written by David Denborough on behalf of the St. James Town Intergenerational Alliance, Oolagen-Turning Point Youth Services-Dulwich Centre Foundation.

In 2010, Dulwich Centre Foundation, Oolagen Community Services and Turning Point Youth Services received funding to bring the ideas and practices of the Kite of Life intergenerational alliance to a new community, specifically the Tamil community in the neighbouring suburb of Scarborough. This project combines narrative therapy and art therapy ideas in order to find new ways to address intergenerational conflict. Find out more...


Did you know that the Tree of Life methodology was developed by Ncazelo Ncube and David Denborough?


Trees (of life) are growing in many different countries around the world.   Learn more...
























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